NASA-Ames Airborne Science Meteorological Support

Rei Ueyama, Ju-Mee Ryoo

The NASA-Ames Airborne Science Meteorological Support group
provides meteorological support in the planning, execution and research phases
of NASA airborne investigations in both the troposphere and stratosphere.
This site has been originally created by Dr. Leonhard Pfister and developed by Dr. Rei Ueyama and her team.

  ACCLIP Mission

  DCOTSS Mission Convective Cloud Forecast

  POSIDON Mission Meteorology

  ORACLES Mission Meteorology

  ATTREX CAST Mission Meteorology

  ATTREX 2014 Mission Meteorology

  SEAC4RS Mission Meteorology

  ATTREX 2013 Mission Meteorology

  ATTREX 2011 Mission Meteorology

  MACPEX 2011 Mission Meteorology

  GLOPAC 2010 Mission Meteorology

  TC4 [July-Aug 2007 San Jose, Costa Rica]

  SEAC4RS Forecasting Practice

  TC4 Practice   [May 7-9 2007 - Boulder]

  INTEX-B   [March-May 2006 - Houston, Hickam AFB, Anchorage ]

  CRAVE   [Jan-Feb 2006 - San Jose, Costa Rica]

  Water Isotope Intercomparison, Houston  [July 2005]

  AVE Houston  [June 2005]

  CARTA 2005  [Feb-Apr 2005]

  Polar AVE  [Jan-Feb 2005 - Portsmouth, NH]

  INTEX-A  [Summer 2004 - Portsmouth, NH]

  AVE Houston  [Fall 2004]

TICOSONDE - Juan Santamaria International Airport, Costa Rica

  Ticosonde / TC4  [Jun-Aug 2007]

  Ticosonde / Veranillo  [Jul-Aug 2006]

  Ticosonde / Costa Rica AVE  [Jan-Feb 2006]

  Ticosonde / Aura-TCSP  [Jun-Aug 2005]

  Ticosonde / NAME  [Jun-Sep 2004]


  TC4 Mission NEW

  INTEX [March - May 2006]

  Costa Rica AVE [Winter 2006 - San Jose, Costa Rica]

  Costa Rica AVE [Dec 2004, Jan 2005 imagery full disk]

  pre-AVE [Winter 2004 - Houston & San Jose, Costa Rica]

  TCSP Mission


  CRYSTAL-FACE research

  Pre-AVE satellite imagery (Winter 2004 - Houston/Costa Rica)

  Pre-AVE convective influence calculations (Winter 2004 - Houston/Costa Rica)

NASA-Ames contacts:

Dr. Rei Ueyama, NASA Ames Earth Science division (SGG) []
Dr. Ju-Mee Ryoo, Science and Technology Corp. []/Web curator

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