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    ARC HIM8 IR Imagery  

    ARC Cloud Altitude Imagery  

    ARC HIM8 Visible Imagery  

    ARC HIM8 Water Vapor Imagery  

    Himawari Imagery Over Guam 

    Near Real-Time Total O3 Column 

    CIMMS Tropical Page  


     NRL Tropical Page

     University of Hawaii Weather

     NWS Honolulu

     NRL NEXSAT Page

     JMA 24 hour loop

    All satellite imagery:

     ARC GFS Forecast Plots

     ARC GEOS5 T Forecast Plots

     NOAA Met Support 

     ARC Convective Influence Products  

     Water Vapor and Cloud RDF Forecsts  

     GSFC Hovmuller plots for ATTREX  

     GEOS-5 Forecasts from GMAO/GSFC  

     GEOS-5 Chemical MAPS  

     Guam High Res NMMB  

     Guam High Res ARW  


     NOAA Guam Office 

     NOAA CPC Tropics Hazards 

     Scatterometer Surface Winds 

     PGUM Current Weather 

     PGUA Radar Information 

     NCAR TC Guidance 

     Joint Typhoon Warning Center 

     NOAA CPC MJO Page 

     BOM MJO Page 

     NOAA CPC El Nino Page 

     Atmospheric Soundings 

     Global Current Lightning 

     Delta Airlines Meteorology  

     Pacific Basin Lightning

     NWS Aviation WX Products

     MJO & Tropical Waves 

     USAF Pacific Weather 

     NOAA Houston Office 

     National Hurricane Center Satellite Imagery 

     GEOS-5 Chemical MAPS  

     LaRC Satellite Imagery 

     NOAA Marine Forecasts 

     GSFC Climatologies for ATTREX 

     TRMM Rainfall 

     FAA TFR List

     Met Briefings 

     Guam Weather Radar 

     Guam Surface Weather Hazards 

     IR animation 09/26/2010 - 10/24/2010 

     IR animation 09/27/2015 - 10/24/2015 


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